Framing Begins


I have arrived at the site to find that the contractor I hired to do the foundations and floor framing is hard at work. Jim Keenan of Hickory Nut Builders has a reputation in the area for doing good work, and it doesn’t hurt that he and the building inspector are good friends 😉

Jim and his crew have dug the footings, placed the hefty posts, and framed the ribbon and the floor joists for the cabin and deck. They’ll lay down the Advantec subfloor and fill the holes, then it’s time for me to do my part.

While waiting for them to finish up I’m exploring the materials my dad has been gathering. There’s some beautiful waney-edge red cedar boards and a huge pile of used cedar shingles, as well lots of windows and doors.

I am still trying to decide on what to use for the decking, maybe treated cedar or hemlock, though some scourge has made hemlock hard to come by these days.

I am happy to see the progress being made, but nervous about how high off the ground the structure sits. Local code here dictates an 18″ gap between grade and building, and while I understand that that increases the longevity of the structure in our rainy climate, I wish I had the freedom to let the bottom of my siding rot if I want to, or choose one of the many, many water-resistant options out there. I don’t think I will ever become a fan of the building codes, but our local inspector is doing his best to make sure our project can go forward within the confines of the code.
Tomorrow we put our lumber order in with Henson’s, the local building supply company, so we should be able to start erecting walls this week.