tiny house NC exteriorHere’s the rundown on my tiny house in western North Carolina:

  1. first and most importantly, though it looks a lot like a tiny house, according to the building department, it’s a shed, which exempts me from some but not nearly all of the highly restrictive building regulations
  2. it’s basically a 12′ x 12′ building with a 12/12 (or 45 degree angle) roof
  3. the sidewalls are 10′ high and the peak is 16′ high
  4. there’s a 6′ x 12′ deck off the western side and an 8′ x 12′ loft over the deck and extending 2′ into the building
  5. there’s a dormer in the loft
  6. it’s framed in 2x6s
  7. it’s clad in salvaged cedar shingles
  8. the roof is green Ondura
  9. there are three polycarbonate skylights
  10. the deck is treated cypress
  11. the pickets are salvaged cedar
  12. there are three 10.5′ tall windows on the eastern side.  they are tempered slightly green 1/2″ thick glass and my dad made the frames
  13. the floor, walls, and ceiling are all insulated with R-19 fiberglass insulation
  14. I got the idea in late April 2012, began construction in July, finished exterior in late October
  15. cost is somewhere between 10 and 20k: I haven’t added it all up yet
  16. I had lots of help from family and friends, and hired help for the foundation, some of the framing, and the roofing
  17. no plumbing, no power except some self-contained solar lights
  18. it’s a work in progress